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Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.
Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

February – The Month Of Romance

There no other month that get us all warm and fuzzy toward our loved ones than chilly February. With Valentine’s Day on the 14th, it’s love hearts and flowery romance all the way through the month. Wrapping up warm with your significant other and taking a wintry walk hand in hand to head back indoors for a cuddle and a cup of hot chocolate on the sofa is one of life’s pleasures.


Why not try a few extra easy touches to make your home cosy and romantic in the bedroom and beyond until spring comes around?

A bedroom will always feel more cosy with some darker, textured finishes. Think of natural fabrics for throws and extra cushions like cable knitted wool and faux fur – these are very fashionable right now and freely available in most stores – you can put a look together on a very modest budget. These neutral colours will usually blend with any palette you already have, and add that cosy feeling. Alternatively, try deep, warm red or tartan for a feeling cosier than a Scottish bothy in midwinter, this season’s stag themes fit right in.

The hallway is the first welcome home for you and your visitors, so make it inviting. Clear away the clutter of winter boots and shoes, and all the costs that you done wear regularly, and lay a soft rug on the floor. Another lovely touch is to place a non – Christmassy wreath on the front door, a wintry fir cone arrangement, faux branches keep the winter season going and provide a warm welcome. Don’t put away the Christmas lights just yet, use them around the door, around mirrors, or bunched up in a large vase.

Candles are a wonderful way of providing a warm cosy feeling. A spicy jar candle will provide a comforting aroma throughout the home, and using candles in cheap mason jars or old glasses beside the bed or on your kitchen shelves. By grouping together church candles of varying heights you can even make yourself a ‘fireplace’ on a non flammable surface, the ultimate place for a romantic cuddle.

Tell us your ideas for making a warm and cosy home home, or ask for our free advice on creating a mood for your kitchen or bedroom.

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