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Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.
Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes in Hampshire

We are specialists in delivering outstanding bedroom designs with our customisable, detailed, and expertly crafted bespoke fitted wardrobes.

Featured storage space with stone effect
Shaker Wardrobe, white wardrobes in bedroom with grey carpet, bedding and a bay window.

Bespoke solutions designed for you

At Deanes, we deliver an unrivalled and unbeatable experience you won’t find anywhere else, designing and producing bespoke fitted wardrobes at our Fareham-based HQ. Our expertise and expert craftsmanship is what separates us from the competition, with almost limitless capabilities to create outstanding, custom-fitted wardrobes in a range of unique colours and finishes.


Our team will work with you to outline your exact requirements, ensuring your fitted wardrobe solutions meet your exact wants and needs. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver stylish and affordable storage solutions with a selection of options to cater to every individual style and aesthetic.


Optimise your space and elevate your bedroom’s interior design with our wide selection of configurations and fitted wardrobe design capabilities.

Our Fitted Door Collections

We provide our customers with the freedom to design a wardrobe that expresses their personality and style, with minimal limitations on size, colour, and availability. We will have the perfect solution for you.


Discover our Linear collection, offering a modern and stylish look at an affordable price, creating a space that is unique and bespoke to you.


Explore our Shaker collection, delivering a modern adaptation of a historic and traditional design, adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom.


Observe our Ashford collection, a more modern alternative to the Shaker collection, with its square pattern providing a clean and luxurious look.


Learn more about our Aldridge collection, currently our most popular fitted door collection that mimics modern wall panelling, delivering a sophisticated look.

Create your ideal fitted wardrobe with our easy step-by-step guide

Aldridge wardrobes in large pale green bedroom. Wooden floors.

Optimising your space - made-to-measure wardrobes crafted for you

Your journey starts with your room sizes. All our fitted wardrobes are made with you in mind, designed, and created according to your specific room measurements.


Each fitted wardrobe comes with a FREE interior tailored to your individual needs.


Once ready, a member of our expert installation team will bring your design to life, building your wardrobes to perfectly fit your space without compromise. Every inch of space is used, and every space is catered for with our unified goal to deliver bespoke designs made easy.

Enhance Your Design Journey

Looking for more inspiration? Download our Brochure Pack


Are you looking for more inspiration? Download our Brochure Pack, offering a full selection of step-by-step guides and brochures, which explore accessories, colour options, storage configurations, and more, to help you create your dream space.

Download a free Brochure Pack