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Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.
Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

Living Spaces

Media Units

Enhance your television-watching experience or create a sleek, professional centre-piece for your living room with our media wall capabilities, creating a unique and organised system for all your media units needs.

Sleek & modern media units

Our custom-built media units furniture has a wide range of applications, creating a sleek and modern solution to store your audio, gaming, television, and media equipment, helping to create a decluttered and clean aesthetic.


A built-in media wall can act as a centre-piece to any home, hiding eye sores such as wires and plugs, providing storage around your TV with the ability to incorporate electric fires, and design display cabinetry, including glass doors to suit various needs and requirements.


Our team can design and implement a variety of media units solutions tailored to suit individual wants and needs to create the perfect look and feel for your living space or cinema room. Delivering a luxury finish to your home, allowing you to design the perfect solution to allow you to entertain your family and friends.

Earthy coloured living room with media unit filling entire wall. Built in bookcases and wall mounted television

Fantastic experience. Love my bespoke cupboards and they have been so expertly fitted. Such a professional job. Very happy to recommend to friends and family.

- Tina Reynolds

Luxury aesthetics & functionality

Create a premium viewing experience, incorporating the best housing for your soundbars and media equipment, built to fit the size of your room to the exact millimetre and completed to an industry-leading, professional standard.

Bespoke Finishes

We have an extensive selection of slatted-style finishes, covering a range of tones and wooden effects to create a relaxing, comfortable, and luxurious aesthetic. Our team will work with you to create a design and finish that meets your expectations and desires, making our media walls the perfect finishing touch for any room.

Feature Lighting

Showcase your prized possessions, photos, or collectibles with our feature lighting options, adding emphasis and drawing attention to your media wall and cherished items. Whether you want a back-lit effect, shelf lighting, or spotlights, our team can incorporate whichever lighting style suits you best.

Expert Integrations

Our expert design and installation team will create a system that not only looks exactly how you want it to but can provide expert integrations, such as electric fireplaces, design display cabinetry, and much more! Plus, you can be assured that every detail and finishing touch is completed to a professional and industry-leading standard.

Earthy coloured living room with media unit filling entire wall. Built in bookcases and wall mounted television

Beautifully Designed & Professionally Finished

When using Deanes for your media units needs, you can be assured that you are gaining a made-to-measure solution that is both beautifully designed to your exact specifications but is finished to an immaculate and professional standard, delivering you with a media wall you can be proud to showcase. Our attention to detail and expert craftsmanship make us the go-to destination for bedroom and living space furniture in Hampshire.


Enhance your viewing experience and transform your living spaces with our bespoke media units solution that removes clutter and adds a luxury aesthetic.

Your home, your way

Our team is capable of implementing a media wall that suits you down to a tee, with versatile compartments, bespoke lighting features, and luxury finishes to create the look and feel you want your room to have. Choose from a wide selection of finishes, accents, and features to represent your individual style and preferences.

Large media unit in living room, grey furniture, backlighting and glass table
Built in media unit with fireplace and small bookshelf. In living space
Earthy coloured living room with media unit filling entire wall. Built in bookcases and wall mounted television

Payment options that suit your lifestyle

At Deanes, we understand the importance of flexibility and value when it comes to home improvement purchases. That’s why we offer a range of finance plans to suit your needs, including our “Buy Now, Pay Later” option, allowing you to take your desired design home and start payments at a later date.


For those seeking interest-free solutions, our Interest-Free Credit plans ensure you can enjoy your purchase without added financial burden.


We’re committed to providing you with not just quality but also the best price. Our Price Match Promise guarantees that you won’t find a better deal elsewhere, and if you do, we’ll match it.

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Boutique Dressing Room

This busy boutique B&B owner needed a calm and perfect space to call her own, incorporating a lot of organised storage for her.

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Are you looking for more inspiration? Download our Brochure Pack, offering a full selection of step-by-step guides and brochures, which explore accessories, colour options, storage configurations, and more, to help you create your dream space.

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