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5 Things To Know Before Buying Fitted Furniture Solutions

Are you ready to expand the storage in your home? Wardrobes, draws and shelves all across the UK are overflowing with clothes and shoes stored in small spaces. A simple way to boost the capacity in your home is through bespoke fitted furniture solutions. This way, you can ensure that your home is organised, without compromising on your interior design. 

Read on to discover what you need to know before installing any fitted furniture solutions:

1. Your Storage Space Will Increase

Freestanding wardrobes don’t use space efficiently as they often leave gaps and don’t make the most out of storage areas. This can make a home feel disorganised and cluttered. Whereas installing fitted wardrobes can turn the tightest corner into a functional storage area that utilises the space to the last centimetre.

One of the main benefits of fitted furniture solutions is the freedom they provide. Made to measure furniture provides flexibility that flatpack and freestanding furniture cannot support. Free from the rigid restrictions of free-standing storage, our fitted furniture solutions provide fluidity; so your home remains organised with the storage solutions you need, at the highest quality.

From fitted bedroom furniture, walk-in wardrobes, and sliding wardrobes to drawer units and shelves, Deane can make sure that your bedroom has everything you need to suit your requirements.

2. Budget Flexibility

Our range of fitted furniture includes a variety of finishes, colours, and sizes so we can create the ideal solution for your home. At every price range, there is an option for you. We can enhance the style of your room through new and upgraded bespoke furniture and their interiors. 

Our experts at Deane Wardrobes will work with you one to one to find the most practical and stylish solution with both faultless and unmatched craftsmanship. You can be certain that your home will be equipped with a storage solution that is suited to your lifestyle; no matter your budget.

3. The Interior of Your Fitted Furniture

When choosing a fitted wardrobe, the interiors are just as important as the exterior design. Not only should it look appealing, but it also has to be functional too! A good wardrobe design considers every factor of your lifestyle, your belongings, and your personal storage requirements. 

It’s a great idea to organise your wardrobe so that you can keep your room free from clutter and see how much extra space you really need. In any room, small or large, finding easily accessible storage is key. This is why creative design and bespoke storage solutions are ideal. Fitted furniture is an opportunity to create solutions that are tailored to your style and storage needs, even with a small bedroom design!

4. Financial Benefits for Your Home

Fitted furniture solutions are a great investment in many ways. Not only can you enjoy your upgraded interiors with sleek new furniture, but you can also reap the financial benefits. Bespoke furniture can help to increase the value of your property, making your home stand out to potential buyers or tenants. This is because people are more likely to want a home with fresh interiors and smart storage solutions readily available.


Using high-quality materials and an intentional design process, you can ensure that your fitted furniture is a long-lasting asset to your home. For more information on how this process works, book a virtual design appointment with our expert wardrobe designers. They will work with you to design pieces of fitted furniture that meet both your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

5. Your Measurements

When designing your fitted furniture solutions, taking the right measurements are essential to ensure your wardrobes are the perfect fit. With made to measure designs from Deane there’s no need to worry about sloped ceilings, windows, or uneven walls; our furniture is built to fit!

Whether you want to provide your own room details to receive a quick quote or have our team take the exact measurements for you; because with fitted furniture, you can ensure your space is maximised for the best storage options possible. 

Choosing the Right Fitted Furniture Solutions 

Designing your bespoke furniture should be a fun, easy process! Our design and build team are here to help every step of the way, so you can create perfectly fitted furniture that is unique to your home, reflects your personal style, and helps to make your life easier. 

To begin creating your bespoke fitted furniture solutions, contact us to arrange a 30-minute appointment. Or, visit our showroom in Fareham to speak with our team and get some interior design inspiration.



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