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Creating The Perfect Walk-In Wardrobe For Your Bedroom

Here at Deane Interiors, we are specialists in made-to-measure storage solutions, supplying an extensive range of luxury and affordable options to create the perfect designs for you.

We work tirelessly to deliver the rooms of your dreams, using the best quality materials, experienced designers, and the most efficient technology to give you a premium service. Not only do we supply fitted furniture for kitchens, home offices, and bedrooms, but we are also able to create the perfect walk-in wardrobe design for your bedroom.

We understand that taking the leap to implement a completely unique walk-in wardrobe can be daunting and that people want their ideal space, as designed, the first time asking, which is why we have put together this article discussing the factors and questions that you need to consider when designing your ideal walk-in wardrobe.

What aspects do you need to consider when creating the perfect walk-in wardrobe design?

It is imperative that every base is considered when implementing a bespoke wardrobe, with some of the common questions we see as specialists being ‘how do you plan a walk-in wardrobe?’ or ‘what makes a good walk-in wardrobe?’

Luckily for you, the answer to these questions and a lot of the other queries you may have are completely up to you! This is down to the fact that we offer made-to-measure solutions, not just a one size fits all product, allowing your design to be completely customisable to your wants and needs.

Our specialist designers will ensure everything is taken care of when designing your wardrobe, with years of experience ensuring that they would have heard all questions, thoughts, and suggestions along the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us now or book a home appointment with one of our designers.

How much room do you need for a walk-in wardrobe?

This question is similar to asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ with our designers being able to create the perfect solution for rooms of any size, just one of the reasons we are the go-to destination for made-to-measure storage solutions.

Quality designs with a quality finish

Curating a quality design is only one aspect of creating your perfect walk-in wardrobe, with the finish being the ultimate deciding factor as to whether you are happy with your product. The design can be outstanding, but if the quality and installation are lacking, it doesn’t matter.

We have worked hard to ensure we only use the highest quality materials and equipment throughout our processes, with a lot of consideration going into every one of our handmade wardrobes constructed at our Fareham workshop.

Our wardrobes are premium quality, made from particleboard and fibreboard, offering a flush, professional, and robust product that is customisable to cater to different colours and sizes. We also offer a complete 5-year guarantee on our workmanship, meaning we can rectify any concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How much will my walk-in wardrobe cost?

The price of your walk-in wardrobe will vary depending on a number of factors, such as your requirements, the size of the room, and the finish you are looking for as all of our wardrobes are made to measure, there is no set price for how much it will cost.

However, you can be assured that no matter the cost, you are receiving the best work available, completed to the highest standards by experienced professionals, using the best materials. If you choose Deane Interiors for your wardrobe solutions, you can be confident that it is built to last!

Are you interested in having your walk-in wardrobe designed and integrated by us? Don’t hesitate to contact us now to get the ball rolling. Alternatively, we offer a variety of other solutions, including sliding wardrobes, fitted bedrooms, kitchen fittings, and home office designs.



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