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5 Things You Need To Know About Fitted Wardrobes

Are you seeking more storage space in your bedroom? Freestanding wardrobes aren’t tailored to your storage needs in the way fitted wardrobes are. They’re often bulky and bursting with shoes, clothes and whatever else can be crammed in. 

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are a fantastic way to improve your storage capacity. They can be made to fit any space to fully optimise your storage, especially if you’re short on space!

If you haven’t considered the benefits of fitted wardrobes, we highly
recommend that you do!

Discover 5 things you need to know about fitted wardrobes.

1. More Storage and More Space

As fitted wardrobes are made to measure, you’ll instantly create more space. Typically, twice as much compared to freestanding furniture. They’re the ultimate storage solution, especially for bedroom storage.

Built-in wardrobes fit from floor to full ceiling height and can be
tailored to your room, awkward spaces and all. 

Every sloped ceiling or awkward space can be used. They can also be
fitted around skirting board and electrical plugs. Creating your perfect fit as
it’s completely tailored to your dimensions. 

Fitted wardrobes and sliding wardrobes also fit smoothly into your room,
compared to bulky freestanding furniture which overpowers spaces.

2. Fitted Wardrobes Are Great Investments

Fitted wardrobes help you make the most out of your space. 

The investment you make into fitted wardrobes will always be repaid if
you come to sell your home as storage is a premium, especially in London. 

All of our furniture can transform you home, and is hard wearing and built to last. Meaning you can get more use of your space, improving day to day life and acting to future proof your home. Also, we have a 5-year guarantee on all our workmanship. 

3. From Concept Through to Completion

Find a company that can manage your work from concept to completion. At
Deane’s, we manage full design and installation. Helping to avoid costly
mistakes and stress!

Every detail is managed and perfected to provide your ultimate fitted
furniture solution. Such as checking your floor is level and ensuring wardrobes
are fitted on hard floors. Fitting on a carpet can cause wardrobes to drop over

We also provide CAD designs of your bespoke fitted wardrobes. This helps you to visualise and confidently consider design options. 

4. Doors Can Transform Your Space

Doors should not be overlooked. You should consider the size and shape of your bedroom and personal choice when choosing wardrobe doors. For example, mirrored doors can create the illusion of more space and provide a full-length mirror without taking up floor space. Also, sliding, angled or bi-fold doors can solve the issue of not having enough room to open wardrobe doors. 

Transform your space with wardrobes that have been considered and
planned to work with you.

5. Tailored to Your Needs

Bespoke wardrobes aren’t just made to measure. They can be fitted inside to match all of your storage need as well. Such as hanging rails, shoe rack and trouser racks. As well as jewellery trays and illumination options! 

With our wide range of options, fitted wardrobes can be completely
customised to your needs and personal tastes. Also, you’ll have your own
personally styled furniture.

Finally, fitted wardrobes don’t just have to be for clothes! Create more
space in areas you need most. You can have a place for everything in every room
with bespoke fitted furniture. 

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes From Deanes

If you want a bespoke fitted wardrobe and need to discuss your requirements with an expert, then please contact us! We have years of experience and expertise in designing and installing fitted furniture to your exact needs.

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