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Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.
Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

Bespoke Cad Bedroom Design Service.

Here at Deane’s, we are passionate about custom designs. We offer a bespoke design service, where every project we install starts with an idea. 

Our Design Specialists take your idea and provide a comprehensive
quotation for the design. With a bespoke design service allowing for made to measure
units, how do we ensure we can accurately convey our concept to our clients?
This is where our CAD design tool service works perfectly.

Every one of the quotations we produce is accompanied by a set of CAD
3D model illustrations. These illustrations allow you to visualise your room
design without compromise. These include a plan and elevation of your room with
measurements, with a real understanding of how your storage will work for you.
Lastly, we provide you with a set of photorealism images that show your
wardrobes in the way that we intend to install them.

We generally complete the CAD work in-house after your home visit.
However, we have a designated design studio within our showroom where you can
sit down with a Specialist and design your wardrobes together. This service is
very popular and ensures our clients can fine-tune their design until they are
truly happy with the concept. 

Once the design is complete and you’re ready to go, these designs then
become an integral part of the manufacturing and installation process resulting
in a stress-free installation service.

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bespoke fitted wardrobe
bespoke fitted wardrobe
bespoke fitted wardrobe
bespoke fitted wardrobe

bespoke fitted wardrobe

bespoke fitted wardrobe



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