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Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

Can You Make Angled Fitted Wardrobes?

Custom angled wardrobes made specifically for a loft style bedroom is still something which is commonly challenging to find.

This is where the custom design service available from Deane really helps you find a solution that works your own bedroom.u00a0

When it comes to organization and design you have 100% control over what can be manufactured. No matter how awkward your space the Deane made to measure service ensures you achieve the optimum amount of storage from your angled bedroom layout.


Angled Fitted Wardrobes


Loft style bedrooms with skilling ceilings are always difficult to organise as they are usually uniquely shaped and include awkward spaces which are completely bespoke.u00a0

To find freestanding bedroom furniture, which fits perfectly with the shape of your room is almost impossible.

This is why Deane offer a bespoke solution, which in most cases are equally affordable.u00a0

Deaneu2019s in house team of wardrobe designersu2019 visit loft rooms on a weekly basis, so are well experienced in all styles of angled and curved ceilings.u00a0

With zero manufacturing restrictions a Deane designer has complete design freedom and understands how to create wardrobes and interiors that use 100% of the available space.


In a loft bedroom, the angled walls and ceilings as well as odd shapes limit the amount of available wall space which can be used for storage placement.u00a0

If you are searching for standard, pre made loft furniture then you will know there are many limitations to what can be achieved.u00a0

As you may know, this can be a frustrating process that includes measuring the exact sizes of the bedroom and then searching for off the shelf bedroom furniture, which you hope will fit within you room dimensions.u00a0

Made to measure wardrobes are different….

With a custom build service, made to measure wardrobes add sizeable benefits. With little to no limitations you can design a storage space made exactly for you!!!!

Deane work with the measurements of the room which are added to CAD software. This forms a virtual representation of the space. Deane then work with you to create a storage plan which completely caters for your requirements while optimising the design to fit perfectly within the confines of the space.

Once the design is complete and you are happy to proceed we install your design in less than 6 weeks.


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