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Choosing A Colour Scheme That Lasts

When designing your interiors, choosing the right colour scheme for your home in the shades and tones of your décor is critical. You want your home to feel like a reflection of your own aesthetic, while remaining effortlessly stylish throughout every season.

As interior design trends for 2022 see a shift in lifestyles and design preferences, it’s important to know how to enhance your home using the perfect colour palette. EGGER have provided key insights on exactly how this can be achieved – highlighting the trending colours for the new year.

Warm Neutrals

The reign of cool greys has come to an end. Warm neutrals as a colour scheme for your home offer an element of comfort that cooler tones can’t provide. As we spend more time at home, people are shifting from the industrial aesthetic to something a little softer. The rise in warm grey tones like Taupe, Pebble and Stone are taking centre stage; incorporating these neutral tones through texture and in the overall finish of your interior design will add depth when combined with warm shades.

Earth Tones

Organic hues are a fantastic pairing with all shades – especially warm neutrals. Opting for more organic shades like greens, beige, and browns will not only bring a sense of tranquillity to your home; they’re also colours that are certain to last the test of time.

Egger recommends incorporating these neutral and earth tones through your décor to refresh your home as a new alternative to current interior design trends.

Sunny Shades

Brighter days are coming! Fill your home with a sense of optimism and joyful charm by incorporating bright colours throughout. Yellow is expected to be hugely popular in the coming months; using muted buttery shades against crisp fitted furniture will help to warm up your home and make your space feel calming yet cheerful and uplifting.

For children’s bedroom consider sunny pastel shades to create a playful, but relaxing area. Similarly, teenage bedrooms can take advantage of accent features, using bright shades to allow them to express themselves through stylish finishes and colour blocking.

Discover how to design your own bespoke bedroom, with an expert consideration on storage solutions and made to measure furniture.

Deep, Rich Colours

Bright colours may be trending, but that doesn’t mean deep tones are taking a back seat. Use these shades to add an element of richness and depth to your home can make your space feel larger, with an added sense of sophistication.

Deep tones in your furniture and textiles are a fantastic way to incorporate rich colours in your home with ease. Fitted furniture is more than a storage solution, when designed and installed correctly it becomes a part of the décor – the perfect combination of style and function.

We understand that colours can look different depending on the size, shape, and lighting of a room; before taking the plunge and investing in bold shades for your wardrobes, speak to our team for information on colour samples and find the exact colour to match your home and decorating style.

Incorporating Colours into Your Fitted Furniture

When you’re choosing a colour scheme for your home; whether it’s the bedroom or communal living spaces – it’s important to consider every factor, including the shades, tones, and finish of your fitted furniture.

Download a free brochure for more ideas on how bespoke furniture solutions can elevate your home with stylish storage, or follow us on Pinterest for interior design inspiration.

Alternatively, come and see our showroom for yourself! We’re here to help with any design queries you may have.



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