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Summer Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

How Much Do Fitted Wardrobes Cost?

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are an attractive option to increase storage space (by up to 2x!), improve bedroom aesthetics and add value to your home. The ability to design your wardrobe to cater to your personal style and taste, as well as the new-found available room are the biggest attraction to fitted wardrobes and furniture.

But how much do fitted wardrobes cost?

Every quote we provide is unique to
the customer in question. To get started we identify your personal style,
analyse your storage needs and preferences (rails, shelves, drawers, more space
for accessories etc.) and the size of your room so we can provide an accurate
cost for fitted, sliding or walk-in wardrobes.

When you book
a consultation
at our showroom or a
home design visit, we don’t charge a penny! You’ll receive our expertise and a
full digitally rendered design free of charge, with no pressure sales or
obligation to buy.

Having an idea of price is a huge influence on where you pick your furniture from, so, you can expect a [type of wardrobe] with [a number] doors prices to start from [£ base price] and we offer a price match service!

Why should I choose fitted wardrobes over freestanding, or building it myself?

Fitted wardrobes are a great way to
personalise your bedroom and maximise your storage and they should look good
for years to come. When you invest in fitted wardrobes they become part of the
room structure and are more less permanent, so you should never compromise on

By using the entire wall, floor to ceiling, you can increase your current storage space by up to 2x! This ensures all jewellery, clothes, shoes, boxes, and bags have a home. You can design the inside of the wardrobe to suit your needs such as shoe storage racks, vanity units, rails, shelves, and drawers.

You should never sacrifice quality
for the cost, you should look at those who offer genuine quality and have
received previous positive reviews and make a solid investment, of a high-quality
product you will enjoy for years to come.

Come and visit our showroom in
Fareham anytime 9 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday or download a brochure to get



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