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How To Make Functional Furniture

There are a few essential factors to consider when designing your interiors. Style is, of course, a crucial element to your home – but the function is equally as important! Your home should meet all your functional needs and provide the perfect solution to managing all aspects of your lifestyle.

When investing in functional furniture, it can be easy to focus solely on aesthetics and look at functionality as an afterthought. But, for a truly functional home, you need to ensure your space ticks every box before adding any personal touches.

At Deane, we have expert designers on hand to help you reinvent your space without compromising on either style or substance. All we require is a drawing of your room, and we can get over a comprehensive quote.

So, how exactly do you design a living space that works for you, looks good, and stands the test of time?

Start with a plan

It’s always best to start with a plan! You need to cover every base – from measurements and usability to colour schemes and finishing touches.

When planning your home, think about the flow of the space and its intended purpose. Drawing up sketches can allow you to better visualise your desired room to see if it works in practice, meeting your needs. 

Design around your lifestyle first, not your aesthetic style 

When designing bespoke and functional furniture, you should design around your lifestyle and unique requirements. Whether you’re designing a fitted wardrobe or completing a total room makeover – storage solutions should always come first!

Developing a space around your lifestyle gives you the benefit of having a home truly tailored to your needs. For example, a family home that is in need of a dedicated storage area for kids will be very different compared to someone self-employed or who works from home regularly, will instead need a home office free of mess to incite productivity. 

Work with every inch of space

For a clutter-free home, storage is essential, and a bespoke creation allows for purpose-built functional furniture to make the most of the space available, so there is no waste. 

Smart design choices that maximise space by thinking outside the box are a great way of including more functional furniture. You can maximise your available space by considering the verticality of your home and utilising internal storage solutions such as shelving, rails, or hooks and pegs. This will also aid in keeping the floor clear and creating more flow in your home.

Consider your colour choices

Choosing a colour scheme for your home can be a tricky decision. It’s crucial to consider every factor, including your fitted furniture’s shade, tone, and finish.

Plain painted finishes are currently very popular as making your large pieces of furniture neutral allows you to more easily add and change colour with the addition of soft furnishings.

Soft furnishings make all the difference

Once you’ve finished outfitting a room with its functional furniture, things like rugs, cushions, and throws can really compliment your fixtures, bringing some life to your home by producing a lived-in atmosphere that provides comfort and relaxation.

They are a relatively cheap and effortless way to provide a pop of colour and texture to the more functional pieces. Not to mention that you can easily swap them out quickly as and when you please to match the season’s style. 

Light your space effectively 

Lighting is just as crucial for illuminating a room as it is for improving the flow of your property to produce a stress-free living space alongside your functional furniture. Don’t underestimate how well lights can enhance your home by doubling up as a great and stylish addition to a room while providing great functionality to the residence. 

Depending on the room, you may want to change the brightness, warmth, and style to best suit the aesthetic you are going for. Kitchens and workspaces require brighter lights, while in rooms with a relaxing mood such as the living space and bedroom, you can opt for a dimmer glow.

Hopefully, this has equipped you with the knowledge to critically examine your home, taking into consideration how you can incorporate style and functionality.

If you need any inspiration on how you can reimagine your space with functionality and style in mind, visit our showroom or book a design consultation.



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