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The Perfect Time For A Bedroom Makeover


Finally with the arrival of rain and wind, it’s time to admit that the winter is approaching. So, when you peer out the window this morning and see the misty chill of Autumn, then turn to the wardrobe to get something suitable to wear, are you happy with what you see?

Think of your main wardrobe. If just a small portion takes your everyday clothes and the rest is crammed with other stuff, it’s time to take things in hand, you will be surprised how 

liberating it is. Now, I’m not a de clutter evangelist who thinks that clearing out your wardrobe will change your life – but it will make a little change to your daily routine that will definitely give you one less headache in the morning.

A client of mine who is renovating her home recently had to remove everything from her wardrobes because the room was being knocked about, it all ended up in a huge pile on the floor for sorting. Space to store this vesuvius of clobber temporarily elsewhere was limited, so every item needed to justify its place in the ‘to keep’ pile. ‘I couldn’t believe how much stuff came out – it just grew and grew!’ she told me. This is really common, faced with the mountain, it feels like it’s YOU underneath it, weighted down by the responsibility of;

1. Not going to enough fancy parties to wear all those dresses
2. Being the wrong size for 80% of it
3. Spending too much on bargains

Time to get realistic. Choose a day when you have a couple of hours where you won’t get disturbed, this is crucial, if you have to do something in the middle of it, you will lose concentration and be tempted to chuck it all back to finish another day. Take the emotion out of it, and be brutal.

Get it all out and think of it as therapy, it gets worse before it gets better, but you will feel the effects right away. Make 3 piles, keep, chuck, charity. Have a scan around for things that you may not have thought of putting together, and make a few outfits, this is easier when it’s all out on view, then dive in.

· Keep – things that you wear now, and layering pieces that will give new life to your favourites.

· Chuck – past favourites that you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away that now just make you look scruffy. I have painting clothes, but also a decorator! Out they go, will you miss them?

· Charity – think of your charity pile like giving actual money, it feels good.

You will be amazed at the size of the piles you have, don’t be tempted to re visit them.

If you are thinking of having new wardrobes, why pay to store things you’ll seldom use? It’s ineffective and expensive, and reduces your room to create storage you don’t need. Spend the money on a few new clothes instead.

Finally, attack your underwear drawer, yes, you know what I’m talking about! If you would be ashamed to be caught wearing it, it doesn’t deserve to be there.



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