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Summer Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

What Are Bespoke Wardrobe Interiors?

Made to measure is defined as something that is ‘specifically made to fit a particular person or thing’. Or it can be something that is ‘designed specifically to fulfil a particular set of requirements’.

Given that your wardrobe will be opened every day, your interior should be carefully planned out to meet your every need. Whether you are looking for sliding, carcass, front framed, or walk-in wardrobes, they provide practical ways to substantially increase your storage.

Why put style over functionality when you can have both?

Designing Bespoke Wardrobe Interiors

A bespoke wardrobe interior should reflect your own passion for organisation. Whether you want to be simple with shelving, and rails, or have a complete bespoke arrangement with drawers and shoe racks, it’s up to you!

In a small space, finding easily accessible storage is key which is why creative design and bespoke wardrobe interiors are ideal. Don’t be afraid to limit yourself to specific measurements and include the awkward spaces and sloped ceilings, we can work around that for you! 

These sections could include:

  • Shoe racks
  • Rails to hang clothing
  • Shelves for perfume and aftershave
  • Hooks for jewellery, hats and accessories

Once you have your perfect bespoke wardrobe interior in mind, you can start planning its colours and styles. 

Are you thinking of a modern style? Or a traditional style? You can make your bespoke wardrobe interior as attractive as you like and still make it functional. If you are looking to redesign your wardrobe interior into a bespoke solution, Deane can put all your ideas into reality. Just give us your measurements and we can begin to discuss our full design options with you.

For more inspiration, take a look at our 4 steps to organising your wardrobe space. You can keep your home free of clutter and find the ideal storage solution for you.

Bespoke Interior Options with Deane

Whatever style you choose, you need to consider the functionality of the product. Even though a fitted wardrobe can maximise the space, keeping your wardrobe organised is a huge factor when you are thinking of the design of the interior. 

Deciding early what you will be storing and making sure you maintain an organised and clutter-free space is a key reason why bespoke wardrobe interiors are ideal.

Whatever style of wardrobe you choose, whether that’s our walk-in wardrobes, sliding wardrobes or our carcass and front-framed look; the design we create is completely personalised to your measurements. 

We craft high-quality fitted furniture for every budget that is tailored to your design preferences. The most important thing is increasing your storage space so you can get the most out of your wardrobes and bedroom.

Our wardrobes, hinges, shelving, and drawers are all made to measure, not to fit, with no bulky fillers. No matter the style of your home or your bespoke wardrobe interior; we can make sure that you get the storage solution that you need.

What Will Your Wardrobe Look Like?

At Deane, our designers have been crafting made-to-measure storage solutions since 1979. We offer bespoke wardrobe interiors and a design service to create extra space in those awkward nooks and crannies.

Our expert wardrobe designers work with you or craft the perfect design, tailored to your exact aesthetic requirements. So you can be confident that your storage space is not only practical for daily use but effortlessly stylish too. Get in touch to find out more and start your journey with us today!



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