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Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

What Do You Want In Your Wardrobe?


Bespoke sliding wardrobes are no longer something available to a select few. With custom sliding wardrobes being tailor-made to your own requirements at affordable prices, why would you choose anything else? With this in mind, what are the main storage requirements for guys and girls?


u2022 A big mirror. A Full-length mirror is a must for any woman. By having the ability to see yourself from top to bottom getting ready becomes a breeze.

u2022 shoe storage. How many shoes do you have? With girls having on average 3 times more shoes than boys then having somewhere to store them is a must,

u2022 Space for long clothing. There is nothing worse than dragging clothes. For dresses to formal wear having space in your wardrobe dedicated to it is very useful.

u2022 Jewellery drawers. Have everything in one place. If jewellery is important to you then why not make it extra special by using a jewellery tray to keep everything organised.u00a0


u2022 Hanging space for your shirts. Double the storage space by using top and bottom rails. That way you can hang your shirts and trousers with ease.

u2022 Man drawers. Every man needs a man drawer. Somewhere to put all your belongings and electricals without them being on display.

u2022 Lots of shelves. Do you have lots of clothes? Find everything easily by using custom shelving areas to organise your wardrobe.

u2022 Hide the clutter. Store everything in your wardrobe then instantly hide it all with mirrored sliding doors. What could be simpler?

Itu2019s no surprise that most of us need a bit of everything in our dream wardrobe. Why not make it a reality by using custom sliding wardrobes in your own bedroom.


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