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What’S In Your Wardrobe? – Infographic


Here’s a look into the fashion industry and the excessive amount we spend on looking great.

Did you know?

The fashion industry churns out over 80 billion new garments every year, and this number is on the rise!

The total cost of unused clothing in the UK today is approx u00a330 billion.

The average UK household owns around u00a34000 worth of clothes.

An estimated u00a3140 million worth of clothes goes into landfill every year. That’s 350,000 tonnes, equivalent to approx 44,000 elephants.

Clothing and Garments

The average man spends u00a3259.20 a year on clothing. This works out at u00a316,200 over a lifetime.

The average woman spends u00a3453.60 a year on clothing. This works out at u00a338,530 over a lifetime.


British parents are spending even more on clothing for their children, with u00a3764 spent every year.


Typically men are not regular jewellery purchasers, except on special occasions.

The average British man shells out around 3-4 weeksu2019 salary on an engagement ring.

Women make around 13 trips per annum to the jewellers, spending over u00a350 each time.


Men own some 12 pairs of shoes at any given time.

A manu2019s annual spend on footwear amounts to u00a375.60. Thatu2019s 4725 over the course of a lifetime.

On average women spend around u00a3129.60 a year on shoes. Over the years the cumulative total equals u00a38,100.


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