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Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

Why Colour Choice Is Important

If you had a limited palette of wall colours to choose from, would this be a good or bad thing? Some say that a limited choice is easier, but most would hate it. Colour is an expression of our personality and in the home, the mood of our environment. When furniture shopping, most people now have their own ‘mood board’, whether it’s in their head or on a bit of paper or even an app.

The bedroom is a place where we are sensitive to colour, this could be because it creates that restful, cosy environment or the place that few visitors go so we can really express choices that show our real personality.

When buying fitted furniture for the bedroom, why choose a colour that’s ‘closest to’ your ideas, when you can have a choice that will allow a perfect fit in all ways?

Our clients love to have a full range of colours to choose from, as these photos from real clients in real homes show the multitude of ways in which they use their designs to introduce their flair for contrast and subtle personalisation. The best way to achieve this is in your own fitted wardrobe design is to;

  • Use a contrasting carcase in a modern wood grain colour with plain doors and drawers.
  • Use two colours for drawers in the same unit.
  • Have your wardrobes in one colour and drawers in another with the same colour carcase.

If this sounds too way out for you, the important thing to remember is that the choice is available. With over 100 colours available across three ranges, our dedicated specification area is unrivalled for choice.



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