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Summer Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

Why Have A Walk-In Closet In My New Home?

Many homes in Europe and the U.S. have built in closets incorporated at the design stage, which is as essential to them as any other room. In the U.K, we are unused to this, seeing it as a luxury item way down the list below a pantry or an extra loo.

In fact, walk-ins can easily be incorporated in a space of around 8’x8’, or around 2.5 metres x 2.5 metres. This space will get you a U shaped dressing room that will function as a reasonable space for a couple. If you’re lucky enough to go larger, the greater the luxury – no more discarded clothes draped over the chair or shoes left behind. We have had clients that actually are willing to reduce their main bedroom space to accommodate all their needs in a single space, closed off and elevating their bedroom to a tidy haven untouched by abandoned socks.

Look at these designs for a recent project – the third for this client – and imagine how your home might benefit from a reshuffle to accommodate a walk in dressing room, the ultimate luxury that doesn’t cost the earth but makes a huge difference. Take a look at our website or visit our showroom to chat with a designer of how to make your dressing room a reality.





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