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Your Guide To The Perfect Bespoke Bedroom

Thinking of new ways to improve your home interiors can prove difficult. At Deanes Interiors, we’re here to help guide you towards inspirational, space-saving, luxury bespoke bedroom!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and your domain. When you enter your bedroom is it a room you enjoy? 

Having a comfortable and stylish bedroom is important to living well, seeing as we spend a third of our lives in our bedroom asleep.

You want to wake up in a bedroom that you love, tailored to your needs and tastes. But, designing your perfect bedroom can take some planning.

It’s important to get design inspiration online and magazine to help you nail your perfect bedroom.

Here are some of our insights to help you find a bedroom that you’d want to come home to.

Furnishings That Complement Your Bedroom Interior

A great way to set the mood of your bedroom is through the furniture you choose. Consider how these furnishings can complement the space of your room. Do you have the space for a decorative light fitting or awkward spaces that you’re struggling to fill? If you’re looking to redesign your bedroom and to get the full space to work with you. Made to measure furnishings or fitted furniture is a perfect way to fully optimise your bedroom space.

Furnishings That Create Space

Or even the illusion of space. Mirrored wardrobe doors can be a great trick for visually enhancing the space of your room. Also, light coloured frames will avoid visually overloading a small space making it feel larger and brighter.

With our furnishing, there are no limitations to your design with our wide range of colours and finishings.

Understand Your Storage Needs

To create a fully functional and convenient living space. Consider what storage you need most and which you might use the most to help design a solution around you. For example, do you need easy access to shoe storage or low hanging clothes storage?

If you’re tight on space, fitted sliding wardrobes are a great bedroom interior. The bespoke configuration of storage space such as drawers and hanging space will give you ample room to store everything you need. Also, taking advantage of awkward spaces and floor to ceiling space which freestanding units lose out on.


Good lighting can make a big impact on your room. Think about where your natural light comes from and consider where you want to use artificial light to add light to other areas. 

Lighting options can be for inside your fitted furniture too! Consider how you could benefit from lights inside your storage which automatically turn on when you open the door!  

Your Comfort and Personal Touches

Planning for your needs first is important but also consider what you would want from your perfect bedroom as well. Ensure you can add your personal touch through photographs or stylish finishing’s. Such as finding the perfect door handles or colour finish. Bespoke bedroom furniture is a fantastic way of incorporating practical needs with personal touches.

Download our free brochure to help continue your design inspiration!

If you’d like more inspiration or expert advice, please get in touch with your project! Discover how we can help you build your ideal bedroom from design to completion.



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