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Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.
Spring Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

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Fitted Home Offices

Discover our exceptional fitted home office services, creating a dedicated and tailored workspace that conveys your visions, goals, and aspirations.

Bespoke fitted home offices

Our fitted home office solutions tailor your office design to align with your exact wants and needs, helping progress your productivity and concentration to the next level.


Whether you’re working towards a hard-earned promotion or running a small business from your home, having a dedicated and distraction-free space that caters to your workflow could be the difference between failure and success. Create an organised and stylish space to revolutionise your work-life relationship.


Our fitted office capabilities are individually tailored to your home, made-to-measure to the exact millimetre of your room, delivering a professional and luxury aesthetic. Build an environment that improves your creativity and inspires innovation, working with our experienced team to bring your office visions to life.

Large and clean open desk in pale office. under Desktop lighting

Just had Deanes install my home office and really happy with the outcome. The whole team were professional, offering smart solutions that fit my needs and delivered it very well.

- Carol Davies

An office catered to you

Transform any room in your house into a personalised office space, not just removing outside distractions but removing clutter and work-specific storage, freeing up the rest of your home. The wide selection of possibilities our team provides gives you the freedom to create an office space specifically catered to your preferences and tastes. We pride ourselves on delivering a product and experience that can’t be beaten, focusing on working with our customers at every step of their journey.

Made-measure furniture

Once your ideal home office design has been agreed upon, our team will create completely customised furniture that is made-to-measure to the exact specifications of your room, capable of covering every inch and corner of your room. The possibilities are endless when working with a fitted home office specialist like Deanes.

Bespoke configurations

Construct bespoke technological and positional configurations to ensure your office works for you, propelling your work to the next level with ample charging points, elegant lighting options, and carefully designed furnishings. Streamline your workflow and ensure you get the most out of your space with our fitted home office capabilities.

Colour & finishing options

Elevate your office’s personal touch by choosing from our extensive range of colour and finishing options with various styles, sizes, and arrangements available. Create your ideal office environment with vibrant hues, classical tones, or branded colour schemes, and ensure your fitted office truly reflects your personality and style.

Home office dark green inbuilt desk, drawers and shelves. Wooden floors, yellow chair and computer.

How it works

Begin your journey by visiting our showroom, showcasing the possibilities available to you, giving you inspiration for your space, and then booking a free, no obligation, no hassle design appointment at your home or property.


Your home appointment will take roughly 45-60 minutes, and our friendly team of designers will walk you through the options and prices for your space, ensuring you receive an office you can be proud of. Once everything is agreed upon and your order has been placed, our installation team will arrive 4-6 weeks later to handle the build, typically completing within one day.

Storage, your way

We have multiple adjustable shelving, versatile compartments, and clever pull-out features available, allowing us to tailor your office storage to accommodate your precise needs. Choose from a wide selection of finishes and accents to input your style into your fitted home office design.

Small built in twin desk, pale colours and wall mounted shelving. Built in, full-height wardrobes to the side
Close up on wooden shelves and drawers in-between two wardrobe doors.
Pale plue office with assortment of different cupboards, drawers and wardrobes

Payment options that suit your lifestyle

At Deanes, we understand the importance of flexibility and value when it comes to home improvement purchases. That’s why we offer a range of finance plans to suit your needs, including our “Buy Now, Pay Later” option, allowing you to take your desired design home and start payments at a later date.


For those seeking interest-free solutions, our Interest-Free Credit plans ensure you can enjoy your purchase without added financial burden.


We’re committed to providing you with not just quality, but also the best price. Our Price Match Promise guarantees that you won’t find a better deal elsewhere, and if you do, we’ll match it.

Choose your perfect storage solutions with Deanes Wardrobes

Real Rooms

Boutique Dressing Room

This busy boutique B&B owner needed a calm and perfect space to call her own, incorporating a lot of organised storage for her.

Enhance Your Design Journey

Looking for more inspiration? Download our Brochure Pack


Are you looking for more inspiration? Download our Brochure Pack, offering a full selection of step-by-step guides and brochures, which explore accessories, colour options, storage configurations, and more, to help you create your dream space.

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