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Top Interior Design Trends For 2021

Spending more time at home has resulted in an increase in home improvements, as many of us have been investing in creating the perfect living space. This year has allowed us to reflect on what functionality and interior design style we want in our living spaces.

As we bring this year to a close, let’s look at what interior trends are predicted for next year. Also, it looks as though the home office is here to stay.

Scandinavian and Japanese Decor

These influences champion the notions of simplicity, functionality and minimalism, with neutral colour palettes and furniture that holds a purpose. Creating open spaces with natural woods, and modern solutions of prioritising functionality within the home.

Consider how your home storage works for you, how could it be improved to compliment your needs?

Home Offices

As a result of this year’s working from home movement, a lot of us are reevaluating our living spaces to create a dedicated office space. With the working from home requirements continuing, it’s predicted that home offices are the top of people’s agenda.

If you’re lost for space in your home for a dedicated working from home space, there may be areas of the home you haven’t considered. For example, a hallway or under the stairs space can be transformed into a fantastic area with custom-fitted furniture. Make the most out of your awkward spaces and create functional living areas.

Natural Materials

Lightwoods inspired by the Scandinavian styles. It brings light into a space and helps bring elements of nature into the home. Consider how you can add more light wood into your home by updating the doors on your wardrobes.

Using natural materials can bring the outdoors in, helping us to integrate nature into our daily lives. Lightwoods can also create the illusion of more space and complements the trend in minimalist style, which after this year, we’ve all been seeking.

Mindful Spaces

As well as creating functional spaces to work, our homes also need spaces where you can unwind and relax. Creating dedicated spaces that provide comfort and calm. People are turning to revamp their living rooms and bedrooms with soft furnishings and minimalist styles to help the mind relax. Consider how tailored storage space can help you tidy away your home items, helping you keep the home and mind clear.


As we understand more about the environmental impact of the home, 2021 is sought to bring a pushback in fast fashion. With individuals seeking to invest in quality pieces and furniture that will last the years.

Create functional and long-lasting storage solutions with bespoke fitted furniture, discover how you can make the most of your storage space.

Kick Start Your Project

If you’re looking at improving the storage in your home, our expert designers are on hand to solve your storage problems. Awkward spaces are our speciality! We can help create unique, functional space tailored to your needs and interior design trends.

Get in touch today or book a home design visit online. During the visit, our designers will provide you with free digital designs of your bespoke storage solution. We will also provide an instant quote, covering the full breakdown, VAT and 5-year warranty.

Our straightforward service and transparent pricing give you the time to consider your options. We won’t pressure you into a decision. We’re passionate about design and find joy in helping our customers build a long-lasting solution that fits their lifestyles perfectly.

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