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The Benefit Of Sliding Wardrobes And Fitted Furniture

Whether you want to refresh your home interior, increase your floor space, or create new storage options, fitted sliding wardrobes are a great option to transform your home. Like all home improvements, proper research is critical, ensuring you are aware of the options available and the best choice for your property.

This article will cover the main benefits of fitted sliding wardrobes and the reasons why they could be the perfect solution for your needs and ideas. Investing in bespoke fitted furniture offers a long-term value that flatpack items cannot match, keeping your home clear and free from clutter without compromising style or space.

Discover the top benefits of fitted sliding wardrobes and the possibilities available when choosing a trusted supplier and installer like Deane Interiors.

Affordable Luxury

Luxury, bespoke furniture doesn’t always have to be expensive, and with Deanes, it’s never been easier to improve your interiors with custom-built fitted furniture. Our selection of affordable sliding wardrobes available, bespoke to your home’s measurements and individual style preferences, ensures you can be confident knowing you’re receiving quality furniture that’s unique to your interiors and perfect for your home and lifestyle needs.

In today’s economic climate, saving money wherever possible is essential, allowing you to stretch your budget further while not compromising style and quality. Our fitted sliding wardrobes will add a luxurious and modern touch to your bedrooms without breaking the bank.

A Space-Saving Revolution

Another major benefit of installing sliding wardrobes is the practical solutions they provide to your storage and floor space needs.

Fitted sliding wardrobes, compared to traditional doors, don’t need to factor in the opening swing of the door into your design, making it a universally suitable option for homes and floorplans of any size or shape.

A dedicated storage area that blends seamlessly with your interiors is the perfect way to clear space in your home, and with our bespoke design service, we can create the ideal storage for small or large spaces, as well as areas with irregular dimensions to the exact millimetre.

Contact our team for your free quote now, or arrange a home visit with one of our design specialists.

Make Spaces Bigger

For the rooms with less available space, we understand that any techniques to make a room look and feel bigger are welcome. A bonus tip from us is to install mirrored door options, which help to reflect light, making rooms feel bigger, lighter, and more spacious.

We can cater to any design requirements, meaning if you’re looking for mirrored sliding food options, Deanes has got you covered.

Long-Term Investment

Improving your interiors with custom-built fitted sliding wardrobes is a long-term investment that can help increase the overall value of your property.

Introducing bespoke storage solutions into your home gives your property an edge in the market, as potential buyers (or tenants) are increasingly likely to be attracted to modern interiors with intentional storage solutions readily available.

Sliding wardrobes remove the necessity of purchasing additional furniture, eating into precious floor space, and reducing the work and costs that potential buyers may obtain when moving into the property. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, fitted sliding wardrobes can make your home appear to be bigger, with a much better layout, opening the space to a wider selection of possibilities.

Bespoke Quality

At Deanes, quality and functionality are at the core of everything we do, providing an end-to-end service, transforming your home’s interior, and satisfying all your wants and needs.

Our Fareham manufacturing facility produces all individual units to our client’s exact design requirements, utilising the best materials and construction techniques, guaranteeing an industry-leading quality and finish.

Fitted Sliding Wardrobes From Deane Interiors

Are you interested in our fitted sliding wardrobes or bespoke fitted bedroom capabilities? Contact us today and speak to one of our specialists to help you decide the best options for you and get your transformation process started!

Alternatively, upload your measurements for a quick estimated quote for your home’s bespoke fitted furniture, and check out our Pinterest for more fitted furniture inspiration.



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