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What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Sliding Wardrobe Over A Freestanding Wardrobe?

Choosing the right wardrobe for your bedroom is essential. With the right furniture, you can ensure that your home has practical, functional and design appropriate storage solutions. This will allow you to comfortably store your belongings, without compromising on space throughout your property.

Custom sliding wardrobes are a great way to increase your storage as well as introducing a modern design to your bedroom. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider replacing your freestanding furniture with a custom sliding wardrobe.

Custom Sliding Wardrobes vs Freestanding Wardrobes

Maximise Your Storage

Firstly, a custom sliding wardrobe provides much more storage than freestanding wardrobes. They utilise all available floor to ceiling space, leaving no gaps. This makes the most of the bedroom’s vertical capacity, giving you more room without taking up the floor.

Sliding doors glide across one another, rather than opening out into the room. This saves a lot of disregarded space, especially if you have a smaller bedroom.

Keep an Organised Space

Sliding wardrobes can help you become more organised with your belongings. There is no need to force any clothing into a small space; you can personalise the interior layout of your bespoke wardrobe to create the ideal storage solutions for your specific requirements. 

Whether you want to simplify your room or include a mixture of storage options, we can help you to keep your home organised. Follow our tips on how to organise your storage space for more information on making the most of your fitted furniture.

Add Value to Your Home

Bespoke fitted furniture is a long-lasting investment, providing you with top-quality products that can make your home feel bigger and give you a room to be proud of.

Sliding wardrobes are an excellent investment for any homeowner; they can add value to your home and are a great selling point as many potential buyers look for stylish yet efficient storage solutions. Lack of capacity is a problem that many households face – so this is a real asset to consider.

Transform Your Space

Custom sliding wardrobes help to transform the overall interior design of your bedroom. Whether it’s through the colour, the finish, or the overall design – you can enhance the appearance and functionality of your room. Unlike bespoke fitted furniture, freestanding wardrobes are the cheaper option, however, they come with a list of limitations and flaws; including poor design, ineffective use of space, and restrictions to achieving the look you want. 


Believe it or not, sliding wardrobes are not just for bedroom use. The sliding doors make them perfect for other rooms where you may need more storage. For example, in your home office, they can be used to keep your supplies, stationery, photographs or keep your collectables. With all the colours and finishes that come with this style, they can blend in seamlessly with your current room design.

Tailored to Your Solution

A massive benefit of a custom sliding wardrobe is that you can tailor your solution to fit any awkward angle no matter the size or shape of your room.  

Many standard Freestanding wardrobes don’t usually fit in an oddly-shaped room and can only be positioned in a way that cuts off valuable storage areas. Whereas custom sliding wardrobes can fit exactly into the desired place, no matter how small or inconvenient. 

At Deane Wardrobes we provide made to measure storage solutions that are built bespoke to your home – so you can ensure your bedroom is as functional as possible.

Our Experts Can Help You Create Your Storage Solutions

At Deane, we see small spaces as a great opportunity for creating the perfect design solution tailored to your storage needs and style. 

We offer bespoke fitted bedrooms, custom sliding wardrobes, home offices and much more. Contact us to begin your bedroom transformation today!

You can also use our quick quote form to help kick start your home project. Simply upload your measurements and requirements to see how we can help you.

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