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How To Organise Your Spare Bedroom

The spare bedroom. Often a forgotten space that is used to store all the junk and clutter you don’t want to be seen anywhere else in your house.

Here at Deane Interiors, we believe that to take complete pride and control of your household, the spare bedroom should be an extension of the rest of your rooms, ready at all times for friends and family to stay over without having to climb over boxes and watch out for belongings that have spilled onto the floor. 

We have put together this guide, outlining some of the tips we recommend when organising a bedroom, giving you more space, and helping to create a brighter and calmer environment.

Spring Cleaning

First and foremost, a spring clean is a necessity when it comes to organising a bedroom, especially if it’s being used as storage for miscellaneous boxes and the exercise bike that you promised to start using last Christmas.

This is an opportunity to take note of what’s in the boxes, containers, and bags in your spare room and decide whether you’re storing them for the sake of it or if you are saving them for a tangible reason. We often forget about things when they are out of sight… like the saying, out of sight, out of mind.

Diving into your spare room and tackling inventory is a great way of organising a bedroom, and may even unveil some vintage pieces that you thought you had lost.

Create Specified Groups

Once you have sorted the items stored in your spare room and discarded anything surplus to goodwill, it’s now time to organise the leftovers into specified groups, which will aid your organisational plans moving forward.

Creating these groups will allow you to determine where each set of items will be stored, giving you a clearer idea of the contents of the room and whether they need to be kept or thrown. 

Once you have installed your wardrobes and organisational features, you will already have your sections outlined, with the proactive approach you took in the previous step.

Additional Storage Options

You may find that to declutter, you need to add additional storage solutions to your room. This will free up floor space, giving you a centralised unit of storage and complete control and organisation of the room.

If you have recently moved into your property or haven’t yet had the chance to decorate your spare bedroom because of the clutter, this is the perfect opportunity to start with a blank canvas and install a new set of wardrobes or fitted bedroom furniture, creating a space that fills your needs. 

Here at Deanes, we have an extensive selection of solutions to fulfil your bedroom storage needs. Our bespoke made-to-measure furniture options allow you to create the perfect storage design.

Additionally, if your house is a bit older, or the previous owners decorated it less tastefully, we have a large stock of sliding wardrobe options to meet all styles and budgets.

Keep The Floor Clean

Once you have organised your room and thrown away any unnecessary clutter, it is vital to keep on top of your organisation, avoiding having to complete the process again for at least a few years.

A good tip for keeping a clean and organised aesthetic is to keep your floorspace clear, ensuring no clothes, boxes, hoovers, or Christmas decorations are scattered around the room, making it feel smaller and more cramped than it really is. A clear floor space will improve the functionality of your room and allow you to utilise the space much more.

Organising a bedroom can be tiring, so leave it to the professionals and let our team create a bespoke design to resolve your storage requirements. To get the process started or for more information on our services and how we can help you, contact us online now.



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