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Summer Promotion – 20% OFF. Terms apply.

The Best Storage Solutions For Every Room

Finding parts of your home to create some extra space for all your storage can be difficult. Whether you live in a flat, bungalow, or a house, we can offer you many bespoke designs. We can also install the best storage solutions for each of your rooms! Find out who we are.

Below are some ideas for creating some extra storage spaces within your home.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It can be both busy, quiet, and a place to create wonderful memories. Keeping the area clean and tidy is so important; especially if children are running around so, introducing more storage spaces would be ideal for a more organised home.

Finding any wasted space within the kitchen (or any room) will automatically be useful for any storage to go. Placing hooks and shelves around the perimeter of the walls can be useful to mugs, utensils, and wine glasses – even floating shelves or built-in cabinets or shelves could be an option to place cookbooks and plants for decoration.

Having bespoke cupboards with shelves and racks, can give you great organisation by hiding much of your storage. This way, you can enjoy the look of your kitchen without any clutter lying around; even built-in, pull-out bins could be an option.

Living Room

Having a gathering in your home can be stressful as you want to please your guests with a spotless home. By enhancing your space with a bespoke storage solution or fitted furniture, you can increase your floorspace, as well as keep your home tidy while enjoying the convenience of accessibility to all of your items.

With bespoke storage you can think outside the box – with shelving created custom to the exact shape and measurements of your home or sliding wardrobes and cupboards that fit perfectly in your space. Our team of expert designers will help you discover the possibilities with your new interiors and design the perfect storage solution for your lifestyle and aesthetic needs.  

Whether your style is minimalist or quite eclectic, bespoke fitted furniture and storage in your living room will help to create the space you need to truly design a home you’re proud of. With storage to keep things hidden, or shelving units to present your collection of books, plants, photos, and artwork.

Speak to our design team to discover how you can enhance your home with bespoke storage from Deane.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

We offer a range of bespoke fitted wardrobes, ranging from affordable sliding wardrobes to unique, custom pieces of furniture that tick every box.

If you have any slanted ceilings or awkward measurements, we can work around it and create a wardrobe that will fit specifically in that gap. Having bespoke drawers within your wardrobe with added organisers inside will spread out your clothes more neatly.

For even more space, speak to the team about the available options that come with bespoke furniture. With underbed storage, additional shelving, and clever inserts for your custom wardrobes that enhance organisation.

Find out more about our range of bespoke wardrobes – including affordable sliding wardrobes, front frame and carcass wardrobes.

Our Experts Can Help You Create Your Storage Solutions

You never need to worry about those small awkward spaces. At Deane, we see small spaces as a great opportunity for creating the perfect design solution tailored to your storage needs and style. 

We offer bespoke fitted bedrooms, walk in wardrobes, home offices and much more.

You can also use our quick quote form to help kick start your home project. Simply upload your measurements and requirements to see how we can help you.

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