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Prepping Your Home For The New Year

The new year always invites a sense of new beginnings, whether you’re changing your lifestyle or changing your interiors – it all begins at home. So, when it comes to elevating your décor in preparation for the new year, what are the steps you can take to create the ideal living space for your needs?

No matter if you’re moving into a brand-new home, or are investing in your current property – discover our tips on how to create an environment that truly works for you…

Allow Your Home to Change and Grow as You Do

Our lives aren’t static, so why should your home be? Your interiors should provide enough flexibility to meet your needs no matter what stage you’re at in life.

The easiest, and most efficient way to create a space that offers functionality alongside flexibility are bespoke fitted furniture solutions. Flatpack may be the cheaper option, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it; and when you’re looking for furniture that will last and continue to give you stylish storage choices for years to come, it’s best to go bespoke!

How do you ensure your home is adaptable?

There are a number of creative ways you can create a flexible home. Book a free session with our wardrobe designers to discover potential your space has and identify the ways you can improve your interiors through bespoke furniture solutions.

Make Your Home Work for You, While You Work from Home

As working from home solidifies itself as the new normal, it’s essential that you have a comfortable place to concentrate without distractions.

Whether you have a spare room to transform into a work and study space, or have a designated area in your home you’d like to make the most of – with the right fitted furniture you can create the perfect work zone without compromising on style.

So, what exactly can you do to enhance your work from home space? Think multifunctional storage, bespoke desks, fitted furniture solutions, and hidden storage to help separate this section of your house and stop any blurred lines between relaxation and work.

Discover our top tips on exactly how you can create the perfect home office.

Consider the Costs

Having a perfect home shouldn’t be exclusive to those with the biggest budget! All it takes is some creativity and the right décor plan.

With fitted furniture solutions for your home there are a full range of options to meet any budget. From affordable wardrobes to luxury fitted furniture, walk-in wardrobes, bespoke bedrooms, and home offices; you can prepare your home for the new year and achieve your interior design goals.

At Deane we offer a range of affordable fitted furniture solutions, as well as carcass and front framed options to ensure your needs can be met and fitted down to the last millimetre.

Be Intentional with Your Design

The best interior design plans are the ones that never skip out on functionality; your home should look the part and tick every box as far as your lifestyle goes.

When preparing your home for 2022, intentional interior design will be a saving grace – now and in years to come. No matter if you have a large home or a small or awkward space, with smart design choices you can transform your property.

A key component of intentional interior design is the use of storage throughout your home. Multifunctional furniture is a great way to make the most of your space without cluttering your property with clunky pieces that serve less purpose.

Finding inspiration for your interiors can be a difficult place to start. We recommended approaching each room as a single entity and being thoughtful in:

  1. The purpose of the room (e.g., spare bedroom)
  2. What you want this space to achieve (e.g., a multifunctional room where guests are comfortable, but an area you can also work in during the week)

If you require any additional help in preparing your home for the new year, get in touch with the team at Deane. We’re here to ensure your property is refreshed for 2022, so you can truly enjoy your home.

Whether you want to book a design consultation or visit our showroom, pop in for a chat and let’s find the perfect plan for what your space can achieve with fitted furniture solutions.



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