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How To Make Your Bedroom Work For You

The key to a bedroom layout that works for you is a simple but effective design. You want to create a space that is relaxing, yet functional. Here are a few useful tips to help you design that perfect bedroom look and feel that everyone wants to achieve.


First of all, understand that any bedroom layout must centre around the bed. No bedroom is complete without a comfortable and inviting bed. Understanding that the rest of the bedroom layout will only be complementing the bed is key to creating that perfect layout. So tip number one is to design a layout with simple circulation in mind. Circulation refers to the ease of access and walking about space that exists within your bedroom layout. You want to be sure to place the bed in a spot that allows for ample space for the other furniture in the room, as well as room for doors to a hall, bathroom and closet if applicable.


Another tip for creating an inviting bedroom layout is to focus the room layout on a specific view. This might be adding touches or placing the furniture within a good viewing space of a window or other focal point in the room. This helps to orient the layout of the room in a unique way. Dependant upon how you decide to structure your room around the bed is the next tip which is to remember to keep privacy in mind. While a large statement window gives great views to the overall look of the bedroom, it might also be a problem if you don’t leave other ample space in the room for matters of privacy.

Some people struggle with creating a bedroom layout that doesn’t end up looking and feeling very dark. To combat this common problem, attempt to connect or even use influences from the outdoors. Windows or doors to the outside can add the very much needed natural light sources that help to make bedrooms feel larger and more open. Ways to achieve this look include adding French doors or large windows to let the light in.


In terms of organizing the furniture of your bedroom, behind deciding which wall to place the bed against, you might want to list your requirements you want to include in your wardrobe. Then with the help of a Deane designer you can play with the different layout arrangements in order to find the best layout that utilizes the given bedroom space in the most functional and aesthetically pleasing way possible.

In some bedrooms, especially if you are remodeling from scratch the help of a designer really helps as it takes advantage of the space you have available. Above all, remember that taking your time and trying several different layout options is the best way to make your fitted bedroom work for you.




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