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7 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

With lots of creativity and a handful of money, you can easily transform the room of your child into something mystic.  Decorating the bedroom of children may be quite challenging. Of course as a parent, you want a design they won’t grow out of too quickly, and something they would surely love. But with so many options available, you may find it confusing as to which one to execute. No worries! We have accumulated some of the most popular and exclusive ideas that will inspire your own design.

Design the headboard

Create a headboard with easily reached materials like fabric glue, foam, staple gun, etc. to add energy in their room. For instance, create a classic, white tufted headboard that your child can grow with in the coming years.

Make your own mobile

Create a handmade mobile and add a little quaintness to the space of your child. Today, geometric shapes, butterflies and birds are the most popular mobile designs available on the market, and you can make use of this trend.

Make your daughter fall in love with princess’s castle

Allow your little girl to feel that she’s a real princess by taking inspiration from her favourite Disney princess! If she’s a fan of the likes of Belle or Cinderella – decorate her little bedroom with castle-inspired details and a charmed woodland color palette. If she’s more of a Merida or Tiana – look to incorporate nature themes and going with the greens and yellows which she will be sure to love for years to come.

Take an escapade

It is definitely energizing to see a child’s room with personality. Unusual artwork or furniture pieces tell a unique story. Since children always like the idea of being on an adventure, bring it into their room. Find a theme that they enjoy and go with that. If your child enjoys climbing, you can create a feature climbing wall that will grab their attention.

Books as décor? Why not?

I know most parents want to encourage their kids to appreciate great books, and one way to achieve this is by displaying books as part of your room décor. Aside from instilling a love of reading, it is also a great budget-friendly decoration idea since everyone has lots of children’s books around.

Mini art galleries? Sounds cool!

If your child loves the sensations of great artwork, use this advantage to create their own mini art gallery in their room. Monochromatic or packed with color, an accent wall that features pictures, photos and wall décor can be your excellent way to encourage your child’s creative side.


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Build your own shelf

Being resourceful and creative can actually get you plenty of bang for your dollars if you’re eager to put it in the work. There are simple DIY projects that will help you create a cute shelf. It can act as a display piece or mini storage for his or her room.

If you would like help releasing your inner child with these fun, comfortable, stylish and practical kid’s bedroom decorating ideas, come and speak to one of our talented designers! We are always on hand to get the creativity flowing between you, us and your child!



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